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Alyson Dunlop (SPI Scotland) UFO & Paranormal Investigator

Welcome to SPI Scotland, based in Glasgow!

Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI) was founded by Malcolm Robinson in 1979.  Malcolm investigated strange and inexplicable UFO and paranormal cases around Scotland for many years, and is dedicated to resolving mysteries of the supernatural through serious research and investigation. For 36 years, the organisation has blossomed under his investigative eyes.  He still runs SPI /SPI Hastings and has entrusted me (Alyson Dunlop) to run SPI Scotland.

Like Malcolm, I have always been drawn to this subject and believe it deserves investigation and awareness. I have had many mystical, shamanic, and paranormal experiences and also  have a desire to know the reasons and causes behind the mysteries that elude us.  

Whatever the strange phenomena that you have experienced please do not hesitate to get in touch. Your case will be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. SPI Scotland is here to help!

Alyson Dunlop


Malcolm Robinson (SPI founder) UFO and Paranormal Investigator, SPI Hastings








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