Welcome to SPI Scotland!  Whatever the strange phenomenon you have experienced, we are here to help!

Scotland is home to Bonnybridge, the UFO hotspot of the world (read my article here).  Currently the town’s councillor, Billy Buchanan, is in the United States trying to negotiate the twinning of Bonnybridge with Roswell, New Mexico!  More news as we get it!

We’re also home to Loch Ness, famed for its Jurassic monster, whilst across on the east coast, Edinburgh is the most atmospheric of cities with ghosts, vampires and various other entities.

Over here, in Glasgow, we’ve got one or two grizzly goings-on ourselves, with poltergeists, ghosts and incubus attacks all being reported.

From UFO’s and the alien abduction phenomena, to monsters in lochs, Scotland pretty much has it covered as far as strangeness is concerned.  No case is too big or small, so get in touch and we’ll do our best to resolve the problem!

By Alyson Dunlop