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Wikia_DARP_-_Moaning_Myrtle's_bathroomI thought it might be a good idea to have a more light-hearted blog this week!

There is a very strange and humorous phenomenon that many people have experienced.  This is the occurrence of toilet ghosts who seem to be drawn to the lavatory environment!

My own father, a fireman, experienced this happening, not just once, but twice!

The first time was when he was working at an Ayrshire fire station.  There had been a call out to a house fire and my dad was left to man the station in case any other calls came in.  He was sitting in the control room, with the toilets at the far end of a corridor.  No one could get in or out unless they passed him.  Suddenly he heard the sound of a toilet roll spinning, toilets flushing and the distinct scent of pipe tobacco!   He immediately got up to investigate.  As he walked into the toilets and pushed open the toilet door, he could see the toilet was just finishing flushing and reams of toilet paper were scattered over the floor.  The smell of a pipe still lingered heavily in the air.  When the other firemen returned later, my dad told them what had happened and those who were based there said that he had encountered their resident ghost, the old station master who used to smoke a pipe!

About fifteen years later, he experienced something quite similar after a game of golf.  He frequented the same golf club every week, so it wasn’t a strange place to him.  He had just been to the toilets, and had noticed he was alone in there.  He washed his hands and came back into the locker room to put his golf gear away.  Behind him was the door to the toilets.  As he was putting his golf gear into his locker, from behind him he heard noises and then the toilets flushing.  He thought it was strange because he hadn’t seen anyone pass.  He called out ‘Hello?’ No answer.  Slowly he walked towards the door, opened it and sure enough, all three toilets were flushing.

Both were harmless enough experiences.  The second one at any rate possibly had an explanation of a fault in the water system or some such thing.  Unfortunately my dad has since passed away and I wish I’d written down his account in case I’ve missed out any important details.

Like I say, many people report experiencing similar things in bathrooms and toilets.   If you have any genuine evidence or a story to tell, please get in touch!


By Alyson Dunlop

Shadow People and Incubi


I had never before considered the possibility that Shadow People and Incubi might be a related phenomena until I watched this video.

I have experienced both.  I saw a shadow person once when working in a private member’s club at the University of Glasgow.  As you came in the building there was a small set of stairs, a hallway, with a bar to the left.  Beyond the hallway there were stairs going up and stairs going down to a landing with some toilets.  A colleague was sitting taking memberships.  As I walked in, there was a shadow person standing in the corner at the foot of the stairs going down to the toilets.  Whatever it/he/she was definitely seemed to see me and crouched down in the corner.  It looked like it did not want to be seen.  My colleague asked me what was wrong and when I told her she said she had felt like she was being watched all morning.  It freaked us both out a bit.  I put it down to being the ghost of the building.  The staff had often seen, felt or heard something and had affectionately named him ‘Hector’, after the previous owner.  I assumed I had just seen Hector.  Maybe I had, but there was something different about him and it wasn’t until I started hearing about shadow people and seeing footage of them that I began to realise that what I had seen was far more like that than a ghost.

Last night I was talking to a girl I used to work with in the Hetherington and she reminded me of the night, after closing, she was checking the guys toilets and heard a really angry man growl fiercely and kick some boxes (exactly where I had seen the shadow person). She came back up and asked if I had just been down on the landing outside the men’s toilets, or if any customers were still in the building. I had been behind the bar the entire time and heard nothing. The front door was locked up. We did check the entire building but no one was there except us.

These entities have been associated with incubus/succubus night demons, and strangely enough, this is something I have also experienced.  One evening, dreaming about vampires (!) awoke to find one on top of my chest, his long fingernail scraping at my neck.  I couldn’t move.  I was paralysed.  There was an old woman – I have since discovered she is the ‘hag’ or ‘night mara’ from where we get the term nightmare.  The incubus had long black hair and a white face.  The mara had long, grey bedraggled hair and wore a long white nightdress.  She stood giggling behind the incubus.  Terrified?  Yes.  I was!

Incubus (male demon)/succubus (female demon) attacks have been put down to sleep paralysis with hallucination by scientists and psychologists.  However,  some people think they are external entities.  I think it is difficult to determine exactly what causes them and, for me, I don’t actually need to know whether they are hallucinations or external.  It is enough that they appear to be real.  That makes it a very real experience for the victim.

I have several theories about how to successfully avoid them – whatever they are – and have done pretty well at keeping such experiences at bay over the years, or at least conquering the fear (and therefore the powerful hold) they have (had) over me.  So, if you know of any other victims of this please pass on SPI’s details.  It  really is a very terrifying experience, and I have full sympathy for anyone suffering such attacks.

By Alyson Dunlop