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Wikia_DARP_-_Moaning_Myrtle's_bathroomI thought it might be a good idea to have a more light-hearted blog this week!

There is a very strange and humorous phenomenon that many people have experienced.  This is the occurrence of toilet ghosts who seem to be drawn to the lavatory environment!

My own father, a fireman, experienced this happening, not just once, but twice!

The first time was when he was working at an Ayrshire fire station.  There had been a call out to a house fire and my dad was left to man the station in case any other calls came in.  He was sitting in the control room, with the toilets at the far end of a corridor.  No one could get in or out unless they passed him.  Suddenly he heard the sound of a toilet roll spinning, toilets flushing and the distinct scent of pipe tobacco!   He immediately got up to investigate.  As he walked into the toilets and pushed open the toilet door, he could see the toilet was just finishing flushing and reams of toilet paper were scattered over the floor.  The smell of a pipe still lingered heavily in the air.  When the other firemen returned later, my dad told them what had happened and those who were based there said that he had encountered their resident ghost, the old station master who used to smoke a pipe!

About fifteen years later, he experienced something quite similar after a game of golf.  He frequented the same golf club every week, so it wasn’t a strange place to him.  He had just been to the toilets, and had noticed he was alone in there.  He washed his hands and came back into the locker room to put his golf gear away.  Behind him was the door to the toilets.  As he was putting his golf gear into his locker, from behind him he heard noises and then the toilets flushing.  He thought it was strange because he hadn’t seen anyone pass.  He called out ‘Hello?’ No answer.  Slowly he walked towards the door, opened it and sure enough, all three toilets were flushing.

Both were harmless enough experiences.  The second one at any rate possibly had an explanation of a fault in the water system or some such thing.  Unfortunately my dad has since passed away and I wish I’d written down his account in case I’ve missed out any important details.

Like I say, many people report experiencing similar things in bathrooms and toilets.   If you have any genuine evidence or a story to tell, please get in touch!


By Alyson Dunlop

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